I don’t wear skinny jeans.  I love this guy, he’s comical and has great insight into what its like to be in law school (He’s a 2L at NYU)

Lsat Blog: Ace the LSAT.  Steve is a LSAT tutor in NY and he has some great tips and ideas that he shares to his blog readers for FREE!  His blog is a completley invaluable resource to anyone prepping for the lsat.

Paralegal-Specific Blawgs:

I recently came across Paralegals on Trial with a tag line “Get your laugh on while getting it done.” The paralegal profession is so stressful and so demanding.  This site offers great tips and resources and the blog’s author is hysterically funny. A particularly helpful post is Trial Prep Made Easy and is a must read.

Another paralegal blawg is Paralegal Hell.  I think the name explains it all.  Great comical commentary that all paralegals and legal professionals can totally identify with.  You must check out the “Fun with Boss” category posts.

Animal Law:

Animal Law Blog.  As some of you may know, I have a passion for animals and hope to use my law degre to fight for the rights of animals and the people/pet owners that love them.  This blog is maintained by a Chicago attorney who focuses her practice almost solely on animal law (which I admire and hope I can do the same).

Animal Legal Defense Fund.  This site is very well maintained with up-to-date information on laws and issues effecting all animals (not just companion or wild animals but exotic and farm animals too).

Forums:  A great source for useful information swapped by other lsat preppers, law school applicants, and law students.


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