You know you are a 1L when . . .

November 10, 2011 at 3:09 pm (Law School Life)

1. Assuming you didn’t, you now wish you had taken advantage of the “opportunity” to slack off in undergrad. How nice it would’ve been to push back a reading assignment or two with little repercussions.

2. You read an “article” (which is now a “fact pattern”) about a fun opportunity to have wild animals come to your home (sort of like a petting zoo coming to you) and instead of thinking about how great it would be, all you can think about is the various legal issues.

3. When someone babbles-on, taking forever to get to the point, your first instinct is to “brief” the dialogue into a short, concise, compartmentalized document in your head. Your second instinct is to calculate the time wasted which could have been better spent studying.

4. Your non-law family and friends avoid you and you realize you have nothing interesting to tell them. You aren’t just alienated, you are literally, an alien.

5. When someone talks about an “unconscionable” act you try to figure out what part of the “contract” they are talking about . . . only to find they meant someone did something really heinous.

6. You LUST over sleep. And feel guilty for giving-in.

7. Everything you thought you knew before . . . is now questionable.

8. Everything has now the potential suddenly to become tortious conduct.

9. When class is cancelled your first thought is “Yes, I have time to shower today!”

10. You either love what you are doing or you hate it. There’s no in between. . .

. . . . and FYI – I still LOVE it. Every-minute-of-it.

1 Comment

  1. Practical Paralegalism said,

    Funny! Love hearing that you’re loving law school!

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