Cheap, Last Minute Law School Guides

August 5, 2011 at 12:38 pm (0L Summer Prep)

For many of my soon-to-be 1L colleagues, the summer is closing-in. I know I have crossed off only about half of my pre-law bucket list which includes reading various 0L prep materials. For those of you who have limited time and/or limited funds, checkout these quick but informative last minute law school guides:

Law School – Materials for Success. This free guide is entirely online and consists of 7 chapters. It is written by Professor Barbara Glesner and touches on law school success as well as personal survival (and sanity).  It’s a terrific concise guide and could be read in a few short hours.

BarBri’s How to Succeed in Law School. This free short 45 minute video provides a quick overview of notetaking and outlining and spends a considerable amount of time on the most important part of law school: exam taking. I found it surprisingly valuable to learn about law school exams this early in the game – it’s never premature to start thinking about what really matters in law school!

Hard Nosed Advise from a Cranky Law Professor is a quick read and the kindle edition is just $10! See my review on my 0L prep post.

Checkout my review of 0L prep materials, which I hope to update during the next two weeks!


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  1. legalrabbit said,

    Thanks for sharing these books! Looking forward to reading your reviews.

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