Letter to my Future Self (in the first semester of 1L year)

July 21, 2011 at 1:54 pm (Letters to my future self)

Dear Law Student:

You have entered an academic program that is robust and full of challenges. You are also attending a law school that is known for it’s political thinking – that which is opposite of your own. You may not fit the typical or ordinary student “type” which attends this school. However, all of these traits make you supra-ordinary and will aid you to stand out from (and above) the pack.  All of these factors will allow you to “think outside the box,” even when the box you are thinking from is that of your own.  You will be exposed to differing opinions, a new environment, and the “next level” of your journey.

Do not change your beliefs because you now think they are wrong, change them only if you have been enlightened. If you now find that the alternative makes more sense, adopt it. If your own beliefs are affirmed, maintain them.

Do not lose sight of your purpose.  There is a reason you were brought to this point in your journey. Fulfill it everyday and make each day count.

Never lose sight of where you came from.  It is your past that shapes your present and your future.  Losing your past will certainly lead you astray. Though your past will differ greatly from many of your classmates, this is what makes you uniquely qualified to be here. Other students should be so lucky to understand the value of hard work and to earn an education not only based on hard work but to work hard for it.

Maintain perspective. Your world will come crashing down . . . many times. The natural diva inside of you will want to make a fuss, but you will have control. Freaking out will only blur your vision of the solution. Don’t think for a second you are the only one in panic-mode; your classmates may just be better at concealing it. That said, don’t let your classmates see you panicking – make like a duck – calm above the surface but paddling like hell underneath.

If your classmates act or think for a second they are more deserving or better prepared remember this . . . how many of them are attending for free?

You have overcome many challenges and worked very hard to be where you are today – this is the time to give 100% – you have come too far to give anything less.

Best of luck,



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  1. legalrabbit said,

    Enjoyed reading this very much. Inspiring.

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