Completely Saved

April 11, 2011 at 1:39 pm (Law School Gear)

I had a rather frightening experience over the weekend. After the pending doom of my dying laptop, I refused to save anything to my computer and instead save everything to my flash drive, which I would backup weekly less frequently than I should.  By the time I hit law school in (128 days) I hope to have transferred everything that I might need from my flash drive to my trusty Dropbox account.  The transition has been slow mainly because I don’t want to throw everything in the Dropbox account that is on my flash drive. I’m trying to use this as a time to “declutter.” Anyway, long story short, I was to present at a research conference over the weekend and left my flash drive (with my powerpoint, script, and bibliography) at home!

Panic. Set. In. Could my husband bring it to me in time? Could I run home in time? Should I play sick and go home?

Then I realized (Thank God!) that I had placed a slightly less updated copy in my dropbox folder on my computer, which could be accessed by logging into my account online. It took me five minutes to update it and I was ready to go.  What a relief!

I am so sold on Dropbox, it saved the day! It amazes me that I waited so long to check it out. It also amazes me that my firm and friends from other firms are not using it! Attorneys are notorious for losing that sort of thing.


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