Tales from Admitted Student’s Day

April 6, 2011 at 11:16 pm (Uncategorized)

Me: “Hi there! I’m law school dreamer!” (extends hand with a smile)

Sherry: “Hi, I’m sherry. I am SO glad to see other older folks here like you! I was afraid I would be the only one.”

Me: (noting she appears to be 10+ years older than me). “Yes, um, me too! Wow. Great.” (Mental note: call hairstylist on Monday, need new ‘do – looking old).

Sherry and I may not have clicked right away, but by the end of the day I had 5 new facebook friends and 3 new Linked In contacts. My admitted student day: a success!

I was really nervous about attending. Mainly because first impressions are a big deal (and rather irreversible) and I wanted to get off on the right foot with my future classmates. . . and I think I did.

I will say this though, I was very surprised that so many of the attendees were still deciding between law schools. The fact the Admitted Student’s Day (ASD) was after April 1st (in other words, after many seat deposit deadlines, including this particular school) didn’t seem to make much of a difference.  I heard lots of comments about students paying multiple seat deposits or being waitlisted elsewhere. I guess I will have to wait for the orientation to “really” be among my future classmates. But even then, I heard from some of the alums at the event that some of their classmates took off after orientation (to attend another law school or drop out completely) and some were admitted after orientation.  Talk about last minute!

Overall, the orientation was a wonderful experience and a fabulous way to get more excited about attending law school in 132 days! I met many great people including attorney-alums and current law professors who were kind enough to come out for the event. I was surprised that it had turned out to be quite the networking event, too!

If given the opportunity, I highly recommend attending an ASD. Though I was already committed to attending, it was still an exciting event to learn more about the school!

By the way – what should I use to refer to my future law school? I figure since you are the ones reading about it for the next three years, perhaps you should help me decide! Whichever name gets the most votes wins!



  1. Jackie Paulson 1966 said,

    Great post and I love Dreamer school of law. I love law as I am a paralegal.

  2. Practical Paralegalism said,

    Yay, Dreamer School of Law is winning!

    Wow, Sherry has quite the winning personality, huh? Maybe she meant older than 23…lol. Plus, any excuse for a new ‘do!

    • LawSchoolDreamer said,

      I hope you’re right about “older than 23.” – either way my new haircut looks fantastic! Ha! And my hairdresser got a kick out of my “urgency.” I was surprised, though, at how many 22ish year olds brought their parents.

  3. Amanda said,

    I think this might be my first comment here, but can’t remember so I’ll pretend it is 🙂 Congrats on deciding where to go to law school! I never went to admitted students day at any of the schools I was accepted to because I was studying abroad in the spring before starting, but I can definitely see it as valuable.

    The first impressions thing is definitely true. There are students I know who seriously damaged their reputations during orientation and it has followed behind them for the last 3 years. In practice, what will I remember? Will I remember a hard worker, a kind colleague, or someone who doesn’t behave appropriately? Things can be repaired, for SURE, but why have to dig yourself out of a hole, right?

    Good luck!

    • LawSchoolDreamer said,

      Hi Amanda!Thank you for your comment! Your notes on first impressions are the exact reason for my anxiety! But I think my ASD went really well!

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    […] School Dreamer attended an accepted students event and met some of her future classmates. Arguably Ambitious struggled with flaw questions. 1L Brownbelle announced her engagement! Austin […]

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