3 Things I Love Right Now

March 23, 2011 at 1:28 am (Personal Thoughts)

I apologize in advance for my randomness of this post – but there are three things that I’m absolutely loving right now and thought I’d share.

1) The Good Wife is new (finally!) so you know what I will be doing at 10 p.m. tonight . . .

2) The iPhone app “Find my iPhone.” But not for its intended purposes.  You see, my boss turned 50 and the office planned a surprise party. Because I of course, had set up his Apple ID account name and password, I switched the “mobile me” app on while a co-worker distracted him – then we sent him off on a wild goose chase at the court across town. While the cat was away, the mice played. We brought out the usual “over the hill” garb and spewed black crepe paper all over his office – all the while tracking his whereabouts using the app.  I’m totally evil muahahahah!

3) Dropbox. Oh Em Gee. I don’t have to carry around my flashdrive anymore! I absolutely LOVE using the Dropbox (and yes, I realize I’m a bit “behind the times” with cloud computing. I also love that its free!!!! Well, 2GB’s are free – if you want more it costs. Except if you click this link, you’ll get an additional 250 mb.  It is great that I can sync my files across several computers (my PC at the office, my Mac at home, and even my iPhone) which is so handy! 

Oh . . .and I love that I’m 150 days away from officially being a law student!


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