Its Here! USN&WR 2012 Law Rankings

March 15, 2011 at 6:29 pm (Choosing a law school)

I don’t buy into the hype of chosing a law school solely based on its USN&WR ranking; especially considering there are only very slight numerical differences between schools that are ranked in the 30’s from those ranked in the 50’s and 60’s. Nevertheless, it’s still exciting to see where each school lands within the rankings. Aside from the rankings themselves, viewing the online edition of the rankings allows me to see an insane amount of information about each law school and compare stats side by side.  This year a few changes and additions were made; including best schools based on Law Firms (though the methodology in this seems a bit sketchy) and best schools for Healthcare Law. (Hint: one of the schools I will most likely attend has been ranked in three of the specialty rankings!)

This year, USN&WR has decided to rank beyond the Top 100 and rank 75% of all law schools – those schools which are assigned a numerical rank are now called the “first tier” (I doubt this will catch on). The remaining 25% of law schools are now known as the “second tier” (and just like the old school 3rd and 4th tier) are listed alphabetically.

As Above the Law reports, there are not a lot of changes between schools in the rankings except the “Top 14” has been pierced. As some of you already know, the Top 14 is called the Top 14 because it is comprised of the same Top 14 law schools year after year. This year, however, Texas has broken into this coveted group of 14.

Online access to USN&WR costs $19.95 and can be purchased at


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