Seat Deposits

March 1, 2011 at 1:39 am (Choosing a law school, Relocating for Law School)

Paralegals Always Have an Emergency Preparedness Plan

Paralegals Plan. It’s what we do. If you are a paralegal and not already thinking twenty steps ahead (and in at least ten directions) then I would guess you are in the extreme minority of us in the profession.  In my six years working as a paralegal, my planning-ahead has saved my job and the derrière of my supervising attorneys a number of times. I am literally rewarded for stressing out over many variables that may or may not happen. But having an emergency preparedness plan for everything from a scanner breaking down in the middle of a CM/ECF filing to my boss’ wrinkly-crinkly shirts (even in court) has surprisingly kept me sane.

Seat deposits ruin who I am as a plann’n ahead kinda gal! While I fully understand the need of law schools to firmly compile their entering law school classes in enough time to admit students off the waitlist and be rest assured they will fill all seats by the time law school begins in August – I, the super duper neurotical planner without a crystal ball have a hard time knowing in April that all will be well in August.  This is even more difficult for non-traditional adult students with a lot of “baggage.” No, I don’t mean kids, though those can apply here as well.  What I really mean is the fact that relocating for an established adult is a big pain. For one, its been over ten years since I lived in small quarters with dollar-store silverware, a few cooking utensils, and paper plates (seriously). In fact, I would guess that my current closet is about the size of my first apartment.  I by no means live an extravagant lifestyle, but I have a lot of stuff! In addition to my “stuff” I have pets.  I also have a husband, with a ton of stuff.  He suffers from duplicating-junk-disorder. Every time I turn around, it has duplicated ten-fold! So how will I know that he will find employment in our new city, that we will find suitable housing, and that I won’t absolutely lose my mind between now and August.  Of course, I have no plans of backing out of my law school plans if things don’t fall into place but some sort of reassurance of a backup plan or escape hatch if all goes south would make me feel a little more at ease.  All planning must go out the window. But can I let go?


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