The Impending Doom of a Dying Laptop

February 24, 2011 at 12:36 pm (Law School Gear)

It started with a slight “hummm.” Then developed into a “wooosh.” And now I’m hearing a helicopter ready to lift-off!  Are these the sounds of a dying laptop?  My HP has served me quite well over the years.  Sure, its becoming elderly and its technology is outdated, but it has treated me well over the years. I just hope that it holds out for my last two months of undergrad. In the meantime, I’m scrimping and saving for a new lifeline for law school.  I’d like something ultra-light, with at least a 12 inch screen that is pretty quiet (in terms of fan noise and keyboard typing). A long-lasting battery would be great too!  I’m open to either a Mac or PC.  Of course, if money was a non-issue I’d love a MacBook Pro 13, which is fairly light and has a 10-hour battery life.  I’ve been checking out deals on refurbished Macs, but they are still more costly than many PCs.  I’m mainly concerned with affordability, durability, and useability.  This baby has to last me for three years of law school, afterall!  Any one have any recommendations?



  1. Whitney said,

    Even though macs are more expensive, I would still suggest getting one. There are very few additional costs when buying a mac in comparison to the additional costs of buying a PC.

    Macs- no viruses=no virus protection software needed; Macs- No need to install special software to make your camera, printer or wireless to work; Don’t worry so much about the specs of the computer- remember that in law school you will be spending a TON of time in front of your computer- think about the USER experience. Macs- almost NEVER crash or freeze; If anything does ever go wrong, you always have a human to talk to in person at an Apple Store to fix and talk to you about your computer (turn over time is sometimes same day or only 1-2 days). I know that this is significantly better than the PC repair service.

    Finally, Apple makes both the computer and the operating system so you will never be in a situation where one company (windows/microsoft) is telling you that the other problem is the computer company’s (IBM, Sony etc.) fault.

    Hope this helps!

    • LawSchoolDreamer said,

      Wow, all good points, Whitney! Looking at this from a return on investment over the life of the computer perspective I can rationalize spending a little more. Not to mention dependability and peace of mind. If I had a dollar everytime my PC crashed I would have enough to buy a Mac! I wonder if Macs also have a longer life expectancy than the average PC. I appreciate your insight – thanks!

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