Love v. $$$

December 14, 2010 at 10:33 pm ($, Choosing a law school)

I received an email yesterday from my numero uno choice school . . . I’m in. No indication, however, of any financial aid offer. That information, I *hope* will be provided in the official acceptance materials that are on their way via snail mail.  Perhaps it is a bit premature for me to be assuming that I will have to choose one of the schools I could go to for free over the school I really love, but I just have a feeling that since this school was a reach, I will likely not be offered any scholarship money. I would be very happy at any one of the schools I have been admitted to and the opportunity to go for free is a huge factor for me.  However, statistically, this school is “better.” Their bar passage rate is above the state’s average, their employment rate is on-par with other Tier 1 schools, and the location would be terrific for me. But is this all worth taking in an additional $75,000 in debt? Together with my undergraduate loans, my monthly loan payment would be over a grand a month. Yowza! I guess I will just have to wait and see what I’m faced with. Stay tuned . . .



  1. Lindsey said,

    Gosh this is a tough one!!! Congratulations on getting in to your top pick! I’m sure you will figure it out! 🙂 Have a Merry Christmas!

    • LawSchoolDreamer said,

      Thanks! I received my official acceptance letter in the mail and unfortunately I was not offered any scholarship money at all. This sort of put things into perspective for me. All along I really wanted to go this school, and in a way, I felt like this school wasn’t as crazy about me as I was it. So I kind of folded up the letter, stuffed it back in the envelope, and felt like its not so high on my list anymore.

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