I <3 Podcasts

December 11, 2010 at 2:01 am (Misc.)

Lately I have had a lot of mindless filing to do at the office. Things have been particularly slow, which is a good opportunity for me to hunt down that long lost file collecting dust in one of our “of counsel” attorney’s office.  My firm is pretty lenient on listening to music while filing and oter mundane tasks so I loaded up my Ipod with interesting podcasts.  Below are a few of my favorites that I thought would interest some of you:

The Paralegal Voice. Hear the latest issues and trends in the world of paralegals and legal assistants with two nationally known career paralegals and co-hosts, Vicki Voisin and Lynne DeVenny.

Lawyer2Lawyer.  J. Craig Williams and Robert Ambrogi are top law bloggers that together host Lawyer2Lawyer.  They bring us their (sometimes opposing!) views on a variety of hot legal topics from literally across the country.

Law School Interactive.  Law School Interactive is a website that will educate and answer questions from potential and current law school students.  On a weekly basis we will be posting podcasts that will answer law school frequently asked questions, profile an individual law school or dive into an interesting topic that refers to preparing for law school, law school or law students in a variety of ways.

Law School Podcaster.  Law School Podcaster is your online source for everything law school. Our podcasts deliver the information, insight and advice law school applicants and students need to gain admission to the right school and to prepare for the competitive world of law school and beyond. Topics include everything from a behind-the-scenes view of the admission process to post-law school job opportunities and current market trends. Guests include law school deans, alumni, LSAT test preparation companies, law school admissions authors, law school admissions consultants, recruiters and more. On each segment, we will go in-depth and interview the leading experts on a particular topic of interest to law school applicants and students.

Anne Levine Blog Talk Radio. Hosted by law school admission consultant Ann Levine, author of “The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert.” Tips & Strategies for law school applicants are offered by the Law School Expert, Ann Levine, whose blog is read by 100,000 law school applicants each year. Learn about the LSAT, law school personal statements, letters of recommendation, choosing law schools, and ask questions about timely issues for those seeking admission to law school.

Life of a Law Student. Podcasts are no longer updated, which is disappointing (hey LoaLS if your looking for new podcasters to revive LoaLS, send me a line!). Nevertheless, Life of a Law Student provides a significant amount of audio on what law students are learning.


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