LSAC Forums – Invaluable Resouce for L.S. Applicants

November 10, 2010 at 4:23 pm ($, Applying to Law School, Choosing a law school)

See full size imageI recently attended a LSAC Forum and was very impressed with the multitude of resources available all in one place! There were over 100 ABA-approved law schools on-site with knowledgeable representatives eager to answer my questions (and load me up with pamphlets and other leaflets).  Many of the law schools sent not only a rep (who is generally the director or assistant director of admissions) but also a current student of the law school to respond to questions on student life, professor availability, overall atmosphere, etc. 

Though LSAC has all attendees wear name tags with a specific number for use by law schools, I never felt that any of the reps I spoke to were taking mental notes on whether to admit me. I would introduce myself and shake their hand, but I felt they had forgotten my name two seconds after I spoke it.  While this certainly took the pressure off, I was a tad disappointed. I had hoped that by speaking with the reps, they would be able to put a face to the application.  Additionally, there were so many attendees speaking to reps that it was necessary to speak louder than normal in order for the rep to understand what I was talking about.

 In addition to the opportunity to speak to representatives, LSAC organized seminars scheduled throughout the day. I sat-in on a financial aid forum led by a school’s director of financial aid. She broke down all the different ways of obtaining financial aid and weighed the pros and cons of each.  Sitting through that seminar, though helpful, made me even more thankful that I have the option of not having to worry about taking out loans for law school.  I also sat through a seminar that broke down the entire application process. Since I have already submitted all of my apps already, I didn’t find a lot of the information particularly helpful – but for an applicant who is just beginning this process, the seminar would be invaluable! 

In all – I would encourage all law school hopefuls, applicants, and even people who are trying to decide whether law school is in their future, to attend a LSAC Forum.  It is very worthwhile.  To find out if LSAC has planned a forum near you, click here.


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