Attack of the Law School Spammers!

October 27, 2010 at 2:25 pm (Applying to Law School, Choosing a law school)

“Sickofit.” Definition: One word used to describe an annoyance that one is sick of. Example: “These law schools keep spamming my email and I’m sickofit!”

Yesterday alone I received 15 emails from various law schools, some of which I’ve never even heard of. (Oh yeah, and one from Harvard).

Receiving these emails while I’m *still* in review at 5 law schools has been especially anxiety-inducing. On my blackberry, the sender typically reads “law school” and my heart sinks.

The bulk of these spam emails are sent to me because I am registered to attend a LSAC law school forum in the coming weeks.  The schools are inviting me to stop by their booth and are making it easy for me to find them by providing turn by turn directions to their forum-day location. (As if there isn’t an exhibit map with law school directory available for me anyway).

I am looking forward to attending the forum.  In addition to the opportunity to meet and speak with law school representatives from almost every ABA-approved law school, workshops are offered throughout the day. Some won’t pertain to me (ie. LSAT 101) but the financial aid workshop should be worthwhile. For a listing of all the LSAC forums taking place around the country, click hereHere is a isting of the times for the various workshops at each LSAC forum.  To learn how to get the most out of an LSAC Law School Forum, click here.



  1. Fridays From the Frontline « Clear Admit: Law School Admissions Blog said,

    […] Law School Dreamer felt overrun with spam from law schools that hoped to see her stop by their respective booths at an upcoming LSAC forum. 0L Just This […]

  2. Lindsey said,

    I have literally received over 50 emails from law schools letting me know their table number for the forum this weekend!!! Every time I look at my blackberry there is an alert! I almost regret signing up for the forum, but am still looking forward to meeting all of these spammers. :o)

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