Midterm Ramblings

October 19, 2010 at 6:33 pm (Misc.)

This week and next I’m stressing over, studying for, and taking midterms for six classes (while working more than part-time). Ugh. I guess I better get over the concept of being tested over everything I know and it making or breaking my course grade because law school grades are usually based 100% on the final exam. Mindlessly reviewing flashcards with terms and definitions, however, is something I hope to leave in my undergrad past. It seems a lot of my undergraduate courses have been all about remembering key concepts and then regurgitating the facts or definitions on exam day. I’m looking forward to law school so that I can learn and then apply my knowledge.

I’m also very distracted right now by the fact that I’m “in review” at all but 3 law schools I applied to.  I keep trying to ban myself from logging in but can’t resist.  I’ve also become obsessive over every detail of the status checker. For example, whether a dollar figure or just zeros are in the seat deposit column, etc. Actually . . .this just gave me an idea. Perhaps I should be taking print screens of every status checker each time I log in and then compare for any differences or clues.  Yep, I’ve lost it.

Another distraction has been, “The Good Wife.” I did not tune in last season so I’ve slowly been working my way through Season 1 DVD’s and hope to eventually catch up in time to watch Season 2 from the CBS website and/or when it originally airs.  I love how Alicia is emerging as a powerful, independent woman. She’s handing a lot of different issues that have been thrown at her and I think a lot of women can identify with this.

One thing I’m sick of right now is the snarky attack-ads for the midterm elections.  My head is spinning with all of these evil candidates trying to sink our economy and overtake the world. This is why people dont’ vote. We are all confused. We are so scared of making the wrong choice we make none at all.

Ooooh, one thing I’m very excited for. I have decided to undertake another major research project similar to the one I did last semester on judicial selection.  This one, for class credit, will be focused on women lawyers and why nearly 50% of law students are female yet far fewer than half of practicing attorneys are women.  Should be interesting.

Anyway, back to midterm studying . . .



  1. Practical Paralegalism said,

    I welcome you with open arms to the OCD Club. I’m so glad I’m not the only one 🙂 Thanks for the Good Wife recommendation – will be checking that out.

    • LawSchoolDreamer said,

      Haha yes, we need a Paralegal OCD Sufferers Anonymous Club! You and I could be President and Vice-President! I really am enjoying the Good Wife. Its a great show and its extremely realistic! I was watching an episode a few nights ago where they were trying to submit an appellate brief to the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals via the online case management system at 4:59 and the wifi connection was down and they were unsure whether it would send in time. I shook my head knowing that is so typical of attorney/paralegal/legal job life!

  2. Amanda Hazel said,

    I feel your pain regarding midterm exams. I just finished mine within the last week or so. UGH! It can be brutal and stressful. I’m not in law school, but I’m working towards my Bachelor’s in Paralegal Studies. It’s kinda along the same lines.

    I’m really interested to learn more about your class project regarding women lawyers. I think it sounds fascinating. Please keep us posted (or me posted) on the progress. I too want to go to law school, but I’m not sure when I’m done if I want to practice or practice for a while and then teach. Maybe the research from your project will give some insight.

    Love the blog!!

    • LawSchoolDreamer said,

      Hi Amanda!

      Thanks for your post. I’m happy to have midterms behind me. Your right about it being “brutal” and “stressful.” I’m delighted to hear your interested in my research project. It will begin in January and I am thinking about creating a separate blog to share my research and findings. I will have to compile everything into a final paper and would be happy to share that as well. I too, have aspirations to go to law school, practice, and then teach. If I love the law that much, teaching it only makes sense! : )

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