There are no squirrels in the city.

October 7, 2010 at 9:53 pm (Choosing a law school)

Since my first law school acceptance (with a full tuition scholarship) I have been spending a lot of time investigating this particular school. The more I research, the more I love it. It’s quickly moving to the top of my list. I try to keep the fact that I could attend for free out of my mind. I want to decide that I love the school because I truly desire to attend – not because it’s the least expensive option.

The only downfall thus far that I have found is the fact its in a large city. I’m a small town girl and have never had to rely on public transportation. I get impatient on those rare occasions when I’m stuck in traffic (small town version of being stuck in traffic is getting behind a tractor or horse n’ buggy).

Most importantly, there are no squirrels in the city.  On my current campus I keep a peanut butter jar filled with nuts to hand feed to the squirrels who greet me between classes.   I will really miss that.

I’m also the proud “mother” of two Great-Danes. While small dogs can get along just fine with city living, these giant ponies can’t.  The kids are huge and their happiness is important to me.  This surely would mean that I would have to live far enough outside of the city to find suitable housing and then commute up to an hour into the city for school.

I won’t let these issues keep me from attending this school if it is truly where I want to go. But these are just some preliminary concerns.


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