Vote for Me! A plea by Law School Dreamer

October 1, 2010 at 1:06 pm (Applying to Law School)

Dear friends:

I hope that you continue to enjoy my blog even half as much as I enjoy posting.  I have a small plea that will only take a moment of your time. is running a contest called the “Vicious Cycle” Awards. There are several categories that I would like to be entered, namely the “Biggest Gunner” category (c’mon we all know I’m that person – after all I had my personal statement written six months before applications became available and jumped out of bed before sunrise on September 1 to submit my apps!) Or perhaps the “Most Organized” category (yeah, I’m a total “Type-A”).  The problem is, I can’t enter myself. I need my loyal blog readers, fans, and supporters to click on one of the category links above and type in my profile name (LSDreamer) into the thread.  You can nominate me as many times as you like and in as many categories as you like.  On January 1st, the top three nominees will be named for a final round of voting.  Additionally, the law school applicant whose profile receives the most views by February 28th will be entered to receive a $200 gift certificate to

Thank you for your consideration,




  1. Paralegal Hell said,

    Voted. I’ll keep voting until you win!

  2. Paralegal Hell said,

    Just posted this on my blog, so you should get a few more votes coming your way 🙂

    Paralegal Hell

  3. Help A Fellow Paralegal Out- Vote Now « said,

  4. Amanda Hazel said,

    Just voted for you!

    Good Luck

  5. Fridays From the Frontline « Clear Admit: Law School Admissions Blog said,

    […] Law School Dreamer pleaded with her readers to vote for her in a ‘Biggest Gunner’ competition. 0L Just This experienced technical […]

  6. Paralegal Hell said,

    When do the results come in?

    • LawSchoolDreamer said,

      Not for another few months. I *believe* the contest continues through January. Thanks for helping to get the word out!

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