What not to type in an online law school chat session

September 24, 2010 at 1:19 pm (Applying to Law School)

I love it when law schools host online chatroom sessions which typically allow interested applicants a chance to ask questions directed toward the Dean of Admissions, Director of Financial Aid, a few students, and maybe even a law professor.  These chat sessions are a great way to get valuable, candid information and are super convenient.  Usually the interested applicant first registers to participate in the chat (using one’s name, email address, and sometimes additional identifying information).  Yet when the applicant logs in to the chat, they type in a screen name and it is clear these interested applicants think they are flying under the radar with their stealthy names. But the catch is – to access these rooms, you have to follow the link you were provided in an email (after registering with identifying information).  So for example, one applicant used the screen name “bonethugs” yet the organizers of the chat knew who this individual was based on the link they used to get to the chat.  Anyway here are some recent comments made by a few “anonymous” chatters:

bonethugs: I had problems with my professors during undergrad. They were not that smart.  If I chose to attend Elite School of Law, will I have similar issues? Are your professors good?

Susieq:  How much do I really have to study for law shool (sic)? I can usually get by with just absorbing all I need to know in class, can I do the same for law school?

twinkies: What is the social life like at Elite School of Law?  Being a campus with a good football team is a plus, right?

Jones: Do you offer free healthcare?

Tippy: I’ve had two DUI’s on my record, do I have to disclose them? Will this keep me from being admitted?

Mikey: I have a 2.9 gpa and 144 lsat, I’m in the rung (sic) for som subantial (sic) schlrsps (sic) write?

Seriously!? I’ve got to hand it to the administrators who organized and answered questions during the chat. They kept it professional and responded with answers for all of these questions, but despite this, I left the chat feeling like there was no way I could attend a school where these dummies were my classmates.  Hopefully the admissions staff keeps records of these idiots and puts their app on the auto-reject file. I want to be at a school that challenges my mind and allows me to learn from my classmates – not one that makes me want to bang my head up against a wall. I can’t imagine people would ask these questions if they were having a face to face conversation with these representatives from the law school, so why would they ask them when they think they are anonymous?  Smarten up people!


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