September 11, 2010 at 5:03 pm (Applying to Law School)

If  I were an admissions committee person I would want to know as much as I could about a person beyond the materials provided to me by the applicant.  Time permitting, I would delve into cyberspace to dig for the dirt.  I would also want to know where else this applicant has applied.  How serious is this person about my school?  Is my school considered their safety or their dream school? 

How would I do this? I would browse sites like,,, etc. If its early enough in the cycle before I have received hundreds of applications I could probably discover who’s who based on the date applied and the applicant’s numbers.  I would also google the applicants name and try to view their Facebook and MySpace accounts. 

I consider myself a reasonably prudent person . . .and admissions people are no different.  So is it possible that my above-mentioned scenario is exactly what happens? Should I be closely guarding what I’m putting out there in cyberspace?  Probably. 

What about after law school?  I want to be able to network and make friends with classmates without them worrying I’m blogging about them behind their backs or saying things I wouldn’t otherwise say in person.  I also don’t want to lose valuable contacts by seeming professional in person and then a total drunken flake on Facebook.  These are just some things to think about. 

Recently, one of my all-time-fav bloggers, “I don’t wear skinny jeans” reported that he realized his cover was blown. By the time I logged onto check out his blog, it was deleted.   Without knowing the circumstances or knowing why he felt he needed to abruptly end his blog, I am speculating he found himself caught up in an awkward situation with a classmate, professor, or even potential future employer. 

With that said, I’m planning to continue blogging until I’ve passed the bar and possibly beyond, but will be careful to keep my identity as the “Law School Dreamer” fully intact.

Anonymously yours,

Law School Dreamer


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