Television Legal Dramas

September 10, 2010 at 1:35 pm (Misc.)

Other than the long running Law & Order (which I’m ashamed to say I’ve never seen) it seems a lot of legal t.v. shows don’t catch on.  My all time favorite was TNT’s “Raising the Bar” featuring Zack Morris . . . oh wait, I mean Mark Paul Gosselar.  It was cancelled after just two seasons.  Another one that I enjoyed but was cancelled after just 12 episodes was “Conviction” which I believe ran on NBC. 

Beginning September 15th NBC will air a new show, “Outlaw” which features a SCOTUS justice that steps down from the bench to seek justice.  While I like the concept, I question just how realistic this show will be.  C’mon, a SCOTUS Justice stepping down to take another job?  Geesh . . . didn’t Rehnquist actually die while still serving on the bench?  Anyway, I will definitely tune in, but have reservations about getting emotionally invested in yet another legal t.v. show only to have it cancelled. Is it worth the investment of time if it ends up ending abruptly? 

Watch NBC’s trailer for “Outlaw” which premieres September 15th at 10/9C.

UPDATE: after having viewed the pilot episode of “Outlaw”  I have to admit, I’m pretty impressed! I like the storyline, the seemingly accurate legal references, and the “feel good” story of justice being served. I highly recommend it, but I hope it lasts!

UPDATE: I tuned in last Wednesday hoping to catch the show but apparently it has been moved to Fridays 10/9c.  Hmmm . . . is this an early sign of a failing show?


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