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August 26, 2010 at 1:02 am (Misc.)

Each week I checkout the report on search terms readers used to find my blog.  Some of them are pretty funny.  It’s really interesting to see what people are searching for. And I feel bad when they may not have found it on my blog, so this post is an effort to help them find what they were looking for. In no particular order, here’s the search terms:

Hillary pantsuit green.

-Ew. I hope you aren’t considering purchasing one!

Proper court attire paralegal.

-Nothing too racy, but don’t got for a green Hillary-style pantsuit. This post may be helpful: and

Law School Anxiety

-Yep, I have it too, and I don’t think it will stop until after law school.  Yipee.

Are You Happy as a Paralegal

-Actually, yes.  Don’t mistake my desire for law school as an indication that I’m not happy as a paralegal or that the paralegal profession isn’t great because I think it is. I just know that for what I want to accomplish in my life, I will need a law degree.  Paralegals do many wonderful things, but they are limited to assisting supervising attorneys and can never give legal advice.

LSAT Study Buddies

-They do work, if both of you are totally committed and will hold each other accountable.

List of Tier 1 Law Schools

-This is my favorite one which also has profiles on the schools: TLS Rankings and Profiles

Paralegal Personal Statement

-Don’t feel that because your a paralegal you have to write only about being a paralegal.  My personal statement touched on many aspects of my life even though ultimately it was through my work as a paralegal that led me down this path.  Its important to not be a one-trick pony.

How to Check LSAC Urm Status

-Your URM (under represented minority) status is self-reporting.  It is what you say it is. No one else can tell you what your status is. Its what you self-identify as. To select a specific URM status, go to the CRS (candidate referral service) section on the left side of the page and click edit.  Also, each individual law school application will ask you to select your race/ethnicity.

How Long Does LSAC Take to Process

-LSAC takes an ungodly 3-4 weeks to process the LSAT score, a week for transcripts, and a week for personal statements (if snail mailed).  When one of my recommenders faxed his letter of recommendation, it appeared in my account an hour later, but there recently have been som reports that LSAC is no longer accepting faxed LOR’s due to the poor quality in the received faxes.

Law School Predictors for ABA Accredited

-Check out this blog post.

How to Address Law School Reference Letter

-I had my letter of recommendation writers address it “Dear Admissions Committee” or “To Whom it May Concern” but my boss insisted on his old stand-by, “Dear Ladies/Gentlemen”

Software For Law Students

-I’m a techie nerd, but I’m not totally sure on this. I do know that Black’s Law Dictionary has an e-version that is an add-in for a web browser or wordprocessing program that sounds pretty cool.  I also plan to use Microsoft OneNote for my note taking. I use this now for my undergrad notes and love it! It records while I type so that when I later want to review my notes I can highlight the text and it will plan what was recorded as I typed that particular text. Very handy. It also outlines without the hangups that are often problematic in Word.

How to Qualify for LSAC Fee Waivers

-You have to be broke. The threshold for this seems to be lower than what it is for qualifying for need-based scholarships.  I only qualified after appealing and demonstrating that my income this year is half what it was last year. (And it was pretty low last year!)


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