I am officially a Law School Applicant

August 25, 2010 at 4:36 pm (Applying to Law School)

Woot! I submitted my very first ever law school application yesterday!!!  I’ve got to be honest, it took way more time than it should have, and once I clicked “submit” I couldn’t help but dance and sing around my house for about five minutes . . .until my dogs started howling at me. Ha!

So what took so long?  Well, I wanted to specially tailor my PS for this law school, so I researched the website and paper literature I had on the school and spent about 45 minutes writing, re-writing, and obsessing over this one additional paragraph specifically targeted for this school.  Then, when I uploaded my personal statement and resume I clicked “continue” and previewed what my app and accompanying materials looked like in pdf form, only to find that there were some formatting issues when LSAC converted my PS and resume into a pdf.  So I had to go back and fix those issues and go through the steps again.  Only to realize, I forgot to include my name, contact info, and LSAC # on every page.  This wasn’t required and it wasn’t mentioned on any of the application materials, but since it doesn’t take any more space (since I inserted this into the header) I thought it would be good insurance just in case.  Besides, I certainly want to make my information handy to the admissions person so they can send my acceptance letter!

About an hour after I finalized everything and sent it off I received an email from the school thanking me for applying – it also included information about checking the status of my application . . . which I’ve already checked twice! Yes, I’m anxious – did you expect anything less coming from me?

Now I have to just wait for more law school apps to come out, and most of them will on September 1st – but I’m ready for ’em!

I celebrated this morning with a gooey chocolate-filled croissant and a giant mocha late, from my favorite coffee shop – compliments of a good friend of mine from Tx!


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  1. Paralegal Hell said,

    Congrats! I can’t wait to hear all about your adventures in law school.

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