August 23, 2010 at 9:37 pm (Applying to Law School)

I thought I had a major case of anxiousness when I was prepping for and taking the LSAT.  It turns out, the application process overshadows the LSAT in comparison!  I’ve re-written my personal statement at least in part, twenty times.  I fret over whether to spell out “bachelor of arts” or to abbreviate “B.A.”  Its actually the little stuff that is driving me crazy. 

I took a drive up North on Sunday to one of the law schools I will be applying to.  The weather was great and it provided a wonderful opportunity to relax on the drive in the open air of my convertible (no jealousy needed, its 16 years old).  What I really liked about showing up at this law school unannounced on a Sunday was learning the surprisingly candid thoughts and views of the students.  I’m a people person, so I was able to strike up several conversations with current students in the library.  One student confided that if “X School of Law hadn’t been literally the only school to accept me, I would never have chosen to come here, based on its rank – but it turned out to be for the best anyway!” 

I was still able to check-out the law school classrooms and the moot courtroom and no “intruder alert!” sirens went off by my snooping around.  It was really great to have a relaxing day hanging out as an undercover spy, but I will likely decide to go back later for an official tour.

The weird part though – the next day there was a letter from the same school inviting me to apply and waiving the application fee!  Hmmmm, fate?



  1. Kate Sherwood said,

    I can relate. I keep revising my personal statements–I have a couple of distinct personal statements because I have not made a final decision yet which focus I like the best!

    Showing up as an undercover prospective student sounds like it was a great way to see the school. 🙂

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