Law School Dreamer Book Review: JD Lifeline, Pre-Law Edition

August 1, 2010 at 11:47 pm (Applying to Law School)

In my limited “free” time since getting the LSAT behind me, I have tried to read-up about the law school admissions process.  I have come to the conclusion that most books on this topic are costly, highly redundant of each other, and thick (far more pages than I can get through by September/Application Time).  But finally, I have found a solution: J.D. Lifeline, Pre-Law Edition.  At just 150 pages, I was able to get through the e-book in a few hours and I can assure you, the reduction in pages does not mean reduction in quality.  I also found the integrated bookmarks to be even easier than skimming through a table of contents in a paper-version book and Adobe’s search function helped me find exactly what I was searching for. The PDF is secure, though, which meant I was unable to print or comment/markup/highlight the e-book.

What I love about this e-book is that it contains the cut and dry facts in a broad overview of what the whole “pre-law” process is all about.  I’m a “bottom line” type of gal, my time is limited, just tell me only what I need to know – this book does just that.  Additionally, where other law school admissions books only deal with the application process and then leave you hanging, the author, Zenovia Evans, discusses how to ultimately select the ideal school, how to weigh different schools from a personal, subjective perspective (as opposed to just relying on the U.S. News and World Report Rankings), and goes into detail about study-abroad opportunities, studying as a foreign-law student, and other such considerations in that realm. She even talks about relocating for law school and preparing for your first day of class.  It is a useful resource from deciding to go to law school to actually attending the first day of law school.  You won’t find 100 pages of resume examples, personal statement examples, and all of that nitty gritty stuff you can find in other books, this e-book really exposes the reader to the entire process and addresses issues other books do not.

For readers on the go, J.D. Lifeline: Pre-Law Edition’s mobile application is now available for the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch applications in the iTunes store ( Zenovia is currently working on a 1L edition to be out in September.  I’m looking forward to reading more of her work.  After making contact with Zenovia, she has created a 10% discount code (ABLG10) for my blog readers. It will reduce the purchase total of the e-book to $17.49.

To purchase/download the book, simply visit the website and follow the purchase link.

Zenovia has also informed me, “If your readers want to pose any further questions they can email me at and I will answer them on the upcoming Ask J.D. Zen advice blog.”

Thanks, Zenovia for sharing your wisdom and tips with the rest of us!


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