Retake? Don’t Retake? That is the Question

June 28, 2010 at 2:02 am (LSAT Prep)

I’m torn.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m ecstatic about my 155 which quite frankly was a total shock.  But now that I have calmed down, I realize that I did even better than I ever thought possible.  I don’t want to seem greedy, but am I capable of even more?  For the last 48 hours all I can think about is whether or not I should retake.  A lot of people on message boards and in cyberspace tell me I should retake.  But those who know me IRL are telling me to be proud of the score I got and start putting my efforts into drafting my personal statement, requesting letters of recommendation, etc. I am within the range I need to be in to be a competitive candidate for the schools I want to go to with my current scor.  

All of my life, when dealing with difficult decisions I like to weigh out the pros and cons (maybe this is a Libra thing), so here it goes:


Possibility of scoring higher which could mean the ability to apply to more schools and possibly making my reach schools my target schools.  This could also mean anchoring scholarships at my current target schools.

  • Continuing to practice my analytical reasoning and critical thinking skills which will come in handy for law school.  I really do believe that prepping for the LSAT has actually made me smarter and think in a different way than ever before.
  • Deep down – (and this is a secret, so sssssssh) I kind of miss prepping for the LSAT.  I love the challenge, I like to test my limits and improve my new skills. 
  • I know I didn’t spend enough time learning the skills of the LSAT prior to jumping into practice tests.  I know there is still untapped potential in there somewhere.  Heck, I only finished the Powerscore Logical Reasoning Bible 3 weeks before the lsat.  Had I spent more time actually practicing those skills, I would have likely done even better.
  • Now that I have a LSAC fee waiver, I would not have to pay the test fee.
  • My guess is it really won’t take “that” much more additional prep to improve my score at least a few points.
  • I may always wonder if I could have done better.


  • Fear of not scoring as high, or even worse, scoring lower.  
  • NO way can I continue my summer school schedule with 3 intense 6 week classes and prep for the LSAT.  The only way I would not go insane is if I decide to drop 1, maybe even 2 of my 3 summer classes I’m enrolled in which will begin the week of July 5th (so I’ll need to decide fast).
  • All of the law school applications for the schools I intend to apply mandate that I list all future LSAT registrations.  An admissions counselor at one of my target schools told me that when the school sees that I will be taking the LSAT in the future, this keeps my file from being “complete” until after that LSAT score is in.  So, while I may be applying super early to help strengthen my chances, my file won’t be considered complete until early November when the score is released.
  • I really do not want to sit for that damn test again.


  1. idwsj said,

    It’s a tough call. If you think you can improve your score, I think you should retake. But a lot of it depends on what schools you want to be at (if you’re just hoping for the “best” school you can into, then it’s worth trying to retake). But as far as admissions go, the LSAT is worth so much. If you can bump into the 160 zone (or higher), that makes a world of difference to the schools you can target. The LSAT is arguably worth more than all the statements/recommendations etc…, provided you’re GPA is fine.

    But, again, it’s up to you. And if you go complete at the end of October, that’s not that bad because it gives you some time to get your statements/recommendations on file.

  2. lawschooldreamer said,

    My GPA is 3.8 so with my 155 lsat I should be able to get into all of the schools I want to go to. My retake will be mostly for the purpose of trying to get some scholarship money. Even if I scored into the 160’s, I would still want to go to the schools that I’m already a competitive candidate for.

  3. Paralegal Hell said,

    I was going to comment, but my advice is the same as the always wise idwsj.
    Whatever you do, keep us posted and know we are pulling for you.

    • lawschooldreamer said,

      Thanks – everyones support and encouragement means more to me than you all know! Scholarship money is a big deal for me because I’m broke and do not want to my law school debt to dictate what type of work I do as an attorney. I really want to be able to work in public interest and do a lot of pro bono work. And I know I would be unhappy working in a big corporate type firm.

  4. Paralegal Hell said,

    Just made a bet with Boss. I am taking the LSAT in October to beat his score.
    I am so freakin screwed 🙂

    • lawschooldreamer said,

      No your not! Girl you can do this!!! If I can go from a 143-155 anybody can! (BTW, what was his score!?) 🙂

  5. Paralegal Hell said,

    I have to beat a 157. In three months.
    I have to learn to shut my big, fat mouth sometimes.

  6. lawschooldreamer said,

    You can do it! Start prepping now since you, like me, are very busy and have limited time to devote to this.

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