June 2010 LSAT Score Release Date – T Minus 1 Day!?

June 23, 2010 at 5:40 pm (LSAT Prep)

It is possible that my score will be released tomorrow.  Typing that made my heart flutter.  I also have a 3-hour chemistry final tomorrow morning. It will KILL me to not be able to check my blackberry for 3 hours while taking the exam and I will be very distracted by the thought of the possibility of that fateful email being just two inches away from being read (since my bberry will be tucked away in my purse).  If the score is released on Friday that is no good either.  My firm has brought in a team of Microsoft Word 2007 experts since we are making the transition next week.  Being stuck in a large conference room with most of my immediate supervising attorneys (who do not even know I took the lsat) will be problematic.  My blackberry is a personal phone, not work, so I can’t  have it with me and doubt I can hack into the computer experts laptops to pick up our wifi connection without anyone knowing.  Ugh.  Really, I can think of a hundred inconvenient ways/times to get my score.  This makes me wonder if I really do not want it at all. Time will tell.


1 Comment

  1. Paralegal Hell said,

    Sending positive thoughts your way!! I know you will get a wonderful score.

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