Playing the LSAT Waiting Game

June 13, 2010 at 4:57 pm (LSAT Prep)

Not quite a week ago, I calmly entered my test center with my plastic zip-loc baggy in tow and ego in-check.  I am still so surprised at how calm I really was.  I slept great the night before, felt good about what I was about to undertake, and did the best I could to breathe easy.   One thing that really helped me to remain calm was that I kept telling myself “this test administration simply determines whether I have to try again in October.”  As opposed to “OMG THIS IS GOING TO RUIN MY LIFE!”  (See the difference?)

Some things that I think helped my day go smoothly:

I already visited the test center a week prior and boy was I glad.  Turns out my test center location has TWO buildings with the same name.  I had originally visited the wrong building and  custodian pointed me in the right direction.  I was also able to see my test room, this helped me to visualize all week-long my surroundings.

The day of I left literally two hours early.  I packed my lunch so that I could arrive ridiculously early and sit under a shade tree and breathe in the fresh air to help myself relax.  I never felt rushed and my heart rate never went up due to last minute panic.

I packed my zip-loc baggy the night before with my awesome tri-conderoga pencils made by Dixon.  These pencils are AMAZING.  They have a tri-shape which is very comfortable, but most exceptional is the soft rubbery grip.  The eraser is nice and they sharpen well. I also double-checked that I had packed my driver’s license (and verified the information matched my lsac ticket which I also made sure was packed). 

Another thing about the plastic zip-loc baggy, as I walked from the parking lot to the middle of campus to my test center, I found it extremely comforting to look around at the 100’s of test takers toting their plastic zip-loc baggies.  It was really neat to see others who were obviously there for the same purpose as I and I knew I was not alone.

I ate a nice, filling lunch a half hour before entering my test center.  I chose a chicken breast with wild rice and chili which gave me lots of protein and good carbs to keep me going.  I also packed a banana for snack time and during the break I walked laps around the test room to get my blood going.

Some observations of others who did not prepare:

First of all, why would anyone sit for the lsat without having seen the test?  When the proctor would say we could turn to section whatever, read the instructions, and begin, most of us would immediately begin struggling (there is no point in reading the instructions assuming you have already seen them in the last gazillion practice tests you took to prepare for the real thing).  But nevertheless, a lot of test takers sat and read the instructions.  Three test takers walked out in the middle of a section, and when we returned after break, a good 1/4 of the test takers were gone. 

Right before the proctors were about to begin, (and after we had all been checked in and assigned our seats) a group of ladies said they must use the restroom.  This is against test center rules.  Once you are in the test center, you may not leave until the section has begun.  Surprisingly, the proctor actually allowed the group of girls to go (before the test was handed out) which meant the other 100 or so of us had to wait for them!  This was ridiculous – clearly those ladies did not read the rules and were not prepared.

Another test taker did not bring a writing instrument – she thought they were provided to us.  A second test taker brought one pencil and no sharpener. 

Overall I felt it all went well but I do not want to make any predictions.  I left the test center feeling confident that I had done my best.  I even finished the entire logic games section which I have heard from other test takers were especially difficult.

The official score release date is Monday, June 28th, but Steve at the LSAT Blog has listed the past lsat score release dates and it appears the scores are always released a few days prior to the official date.  It is likely the sore will be released as early as Thursday, June 24, 2010.  You can bet I will begin checking my email frantically and refreshing my lsac account page constantly beginning next week (for the fun of it, of course!) 

I have not yet removed my sticky-notes from my bathroom mirror which contained tidbits from the Powerscore LSAT bibles and I haven’t burned my lsat prep books yet.  I’m not sure why the hesitation, I hope I’m not subconsciously telling myself this isn’t over yet!  But deep down I know I’m a competitive person.  I’m mostly competitive with myself, and if I think I can improve my score by retaking in October, its very likely I will do it all over again.


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  1. idwsj said,

    Good luck. I remember the frenetic pace of email checking around that time … oh, what fun!

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