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March 23, 2010 at 12:04 am (LSAT Prep) ()

I’m entering hour five of my non-stop logic games binge but was sent a link to this youtube video which was made by a LSAT taker’s brother to wish him good luck, its very cool, check it out here.

Its really nice to see family members supporting eachother – I think every person going through such a chaotic, scary, anxiety-driven experience needs a good support system. 

In other news – Today marks 77 days until the June 2010 lsat.  Double lucky 7’s perhaps?  I’m well on my way, I have completed the Powerscore Logic Games Bible (which I found extremely helpful) and am now taking (under timed conditions) every single logic game from preptest 1 to 40. I’m saving preptests 41 to 59 for full pretest practice rounds but wanted to focus on each type of logic game individually with hopes that approach will allow me to master one, move to the next, master it, next, etc. I’m hoping to have this completed by the end of March and the entire month will be spent on logical reasoning.  In case if any of you would like to take this same approach, you should know that you do not have to spend an entire day sorting and separating the different types of games, they can be purchased in an electronic format (which is nice because you receive them right away plus its easy to make additional copies later) and they are already grouped for you.  They can be purchased through Cambridge LSAT.

I feel more inspired than ever, perhaps because now I have officially registered and this is all becoming even more real – but also I had an email exchange today with a law professor at one of my top choice law schools.  She specializes in Animal Law which is an area very dear to my heart.  I made contact with her to find out more about opportunities that may exist for law students interested in advocating for animals and what exactly is offered at the law school in terms of classes relating to animal law.  It really motivated me to get it in gear and work hard so that this particular school will consider me a worthy applicant.


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